You can't build a home without a strong foundation.  

Foundations take time, energy, and intentionality if they are going to be done right.  Marriage?  Well, it's pretty much the same thing. But somewhere along the way, we've missed the mark.  We've forgotten to equip ourselves with the right tools to build a strong foundation in our marriages.  

We have great news for you.  It's never too late!  It's time to take back control of our marriages and families, and it starts with us.  

Testimonies of participants attest that The Art of Marriage has transformed the lives and marriages of countless couples. In fact, since The Art of Marriage released in 2011, more than 600,000 have participated in the event or series, with 97 percent saying they would recommend it to other couples. Family Life

This event is designed specifically for your local church!  Six strategic, chronological, and engaging video sessions are interspersed with projects for couples to complete to reinforce the lessons that they have learned and take these values home to rebuild strong foundations.  

We don't just disappear after the event is over!  From training up Marriage Ministry Leaders to facilitating the setup for small groups, we put no limits on what the Lord will stir in the hearts of the people once they experience this event!

Sometimes things are just cozier at home!  Small groups are an amazing way to Lead Big and Stay Small.  You provide the atmosphere, and we'll provide the teaching to your closest friends, family, and community to bring this dynamic teaching straight to you.

Start Rebuilding Now!