Six years ago things were not the worst that they'd ever been in our marriage, but things weren't the greatest either. Talk things out? No need. I already knew what I would say. I wanted out.

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1 Corinthians 7:4 reminds us that the husband has control over the wife's body and vice versa. But in light of several recent conversations, I began seeing this from another perspective that I've found helpful and believe that you would too.

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Peace Out: Saying Goodbye to the “D” Word

Six years ago things were not the worst that they’d ever been in our marriage, but things weren’t the greatest either. Neither one of us were working due to a recent layoff, our finances were a bonafide wasteland, and I had just gotten out of the hospital after a long week admitted with a severe asthma attack mid-5th-pregnancy. As I climbed the steep stairs to the attic of our 3 story rental, I already knew


Agents of Change

Agents of Changes African American marriage in Ameican is in a state of peril. According to Pamela Thomas, a psychologist in Atlanta, Ga reports, “Marriage is virtually extinct in the black community in the U.S. today,” she said. “A person born in the black community has a 70 percent chance of being born to an unmarried couple.” Not only that but according to demographic research performed in the study “The topography of the divorce plateau:


Fearless Fatherhood

Fearless Fatherhood My wife might tell the story differently, but I was actually the first parent to homeschool our kids. Kids might be an overstatement, it was actually one kid (singular) and she was three. It started out simply with a little something I liked to call “word of the week.” Believe it or not, this was pretty intimidating for me. But I stepped out over my fear and I did it. That stepping stone


The Audacity of God

The Audacity of HIs Lavish Love It’s been a perfect night. As I sit here typing amidst the questions and chaos of what is family dinner time I am utterly peacefully. The smooth effective worship of Travis Greene calls to my soul in the background sweetly reminding me that He made a way, and I marvel at the sheer audacity of God to create, bless and be still this wretched heart of mine. I am


Me, Myself & I: A Story About the Gift of Solitude

“Babe, why don’t you take the kids to the park?” It’s like a secret code in our house. I don’t know if you picked up on my hint, but this is code for “I need a break!” Let’s cover all the bases first… Yes – I adore my children Yes – I enjoy being a SAH (stay at home) working Mom-preneur Yes – Homeschooling is the best parental decision we’ve made and finally Yes –


Barely Holding On: Questions to Consider Before You Quit on Your Marriage

It’s common knowledge that 50% of marriage end in divorce. Common knowledge but a sad statistic no less. We’d imagine that you too may be considering divorce, and perhaps this is the last resort to figure out if you can really make it without your spouse. Have you considered all that there is at stake? Of course, you’ve asked the financial, emotional and parental questions. But have you dug in deep? There is a hopeful


Torn In Two

Today’s topic? Drowning out the voices that threaten to tear your marriage apart. We’ve all been there and possibly done that. When you give someone’s voice too much leverage in your marriage, you’re committing marital suicide. Eventually, things will start to implode all around you. We’ve definitely experienced this first hand. It all starts pretty innocently. Just opening up to a friend or to a relative to “let off some steam.” The problem is that


Margin: Creating Space for God

When your spouse does something that you don’t like, do you blow up? Do you struggle to keep your emotions in check? Grumbling and complaining a bit more than usual lately? On a scale of 1 – 10, how’s your gratitude? Has life been more strenuous than satisfying lately? If you answered any of these questions with a yes, then you might be on the verge of burnout. And if you are on the verge


Game Changers: 5 Amazing books that will change your family forever

Stopping in really quickly to share with you 5 Books that have changed our family. These are books that you revisit over and over again as life dishes out its twists and turns. They are foundational. Grab one, grab two – whatever! Just start reading! You’ll be happy that you did! 5. Lord Change My Attitude Before It’s Too Late by James MacDonald Doesn’t the title kind of say it all? This is a hard


Put on a Happy Face: 5 Insights about depression in marriage

“Yes,” I told her, “I know it’s not him.” Once again I found myself on the phone trying my best to encourage a friend. She was in a dark place and couldn’t seem to lift herself out. “He just doesn’t get it. I know it’s not him – it’s me! But…that doesn’t give him the right to just check out on me!” Whether it’s the husband or wife part of your team that is struggling