We believe that #StrongMarriagesMatter.  So, we write and teach about marriage.

We hope it doesn't imply that we know it all - because we don't.  Let's be real. Marriage can be tough.  But we're still standing because we know that God is tougher.  

The reason for this blog and our community is simple.  To share this journey with others who are willing to be real, to be strong, to work it out.  To walk side by side with those that truly believe that Strong Marriages really do Matter. To our children. To our World. To God's Kingdom.  

So, we create, we offer resources, and we reach out to demonstrate in our own small way that the race is not given to the swift but to those who endure it.  Our God in Heaven? His faithfulness is great! So we believe, we sacrifice, we forgive, we love and we truthfully encourage other couples to do the same. 


Calvin & Krisette Cole, Founders #StrongMarriagesMatter