We write and teach about marriage.

Officially, by day we run a web development firm, maintain two 9-5's and freelance in graphic design and content creation. Besides that? We do the homeschool juggle with our 6 kids, teach and counsel at our church, attempt to be good to our friends and great to our family while hoping to catch a date night once a quarter.

[Deep breath]

But really? We are completely passionate about something incredibly dear to us. Marriage. We love seeing crazy, torn apart, on the brink marriages restored. We could teach about marriage for hours on end only stopping for a great cup of coffee and to check on the kids. Honestly? This is our calling. Which really means that this site? Well, it's our beating heart on display for all the world to see.

Let's be real. Marriage can be tough. We've been in tough places with tough issues when even looking at one another was tough. But hey. Guess what? We're still here happily preserved for His glory. We're winning this thing because we are with Him. And we want you to know that you can win at it too.

To sum it all up? God is tougher. Tougher than all of this life's nonsense. And if you have just an ounce of hope - an ounce of courage - an ounce of faith. He can help you too.

We hope you'll stick around.  Stay Strong.